Wes + Kate || Los Alamos Couple Photography


These two. We met them on the oh-so-fun day of may third of twenty fifteen. I had set up a day of mini shoots for my first “debut” weekend as a business in our new town. Little did I know, the clients I met that day would become lifelong friends. When I got Kate’s inquiry, I stalked researched them on Facebook and discovered that, yeah, this couple is cute and we’ll have a blast taking their photos. 

We climbed down the steep hill leading to our location and instantly connected with these two. It was easy to talk about anything and they were willing to talk about everything. They were naturals in front of the camera and the fact that they loved each other completely was abundantly clear from the beginning. To date, that photoshoot goes in my top five. 

All it took at the end of that photo shoot was a “hey! we’re going to a movie tonight! you guys wanna come?”. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the movie was, but I remember being glad that they said yes. And here we are! They were there when my husband took the award winning photo for the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque [really, it’s all thanks to their idea to wake up at the most ungodly hour to have one of the most magical experiences of our lives that we now own a Canon 5D Mark III]. They’ve decorate bomb-dot-com Christmas cookies with us and introduced to us the best addiction of our lives: the California burrito. They’ve watched us become babydaddy and babymama to our Aurora Rose [who somehow sneaked her way into this photoshoot] and we’ve watched them become puppy-parents to their sweetest, three-legged Rocket.

So anyways, here we are enjoying them in front of our camera again and it appears their good looks have only increased since that first photo shoot! We hope they’ll let us be their photographers for life.

Love you two, Wes and Kate!

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Andrew took this for you, Kate. 😉

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