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“with each word your tenderness grows,
tearing my fears apart
and that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
touches my foolish heart”

[The Way You Look Tonight, Rod Stewart]

Samuel + Rebekah150425_02

Once upon a time I was mad crushing on this guy and giggling with my best friend of [now] nine years about him on a regular basis. So of course, when the opportune time arose, the ideal situation was arranged so that she could meet the infamous crush. We ended up at crush’s house, around the dinner table with various family members, eating pecan pie. Among various family members there sat crush’s big brother, Samuel, with the dashing smile and good conversation skills. When we left, best friend oh so honestly said, “are you sure it’s Andrew you like, because Samuel is SO handsome!”.

Samuel + Rebekah150425_03

Fast forward a few years and it’s my oh-so-happy two months of dating that crush. Boyfriend loves pie, like loves pie. I thought people could only feel that way about chocolate cake, but to each his own. So what more loving and romantic gesture than to surprise boyfriend with a homemade pie to celebrate our two months of dating?! And go figure! Boyfriend’s older brother [the very same Samuel with the dashing smile] is a bomb dot com pie maker, and supportive best friend skips class to help out with this yummy endeavor [because who is gonna miss the chance to eat pie?! Haha, actually. She didn’t like pie so much at the time, but things change…]. With Samuel doing most of the actual baking, the kitchen was filled with laughter, Jack Johnson, and yummy smells.

Samuel + Rebekah150425_04

And you could say that the rest is history! Or that a year later we had two weddings in one week and our husbands still don’t know if we manipulated this all so that we could be married to brothers, but we’ve all crossed the threshold to making a new home & family with the love of our life, so who can complain?

And these two. Samuel + Rebekah. A couple I would easily argue are a match made in heaven. Each is exactly what the other one needs. Her zeal for life pairs well with his ability to do things with intentionality. He encourages her towards her goals and she teaches him how to rest well.

Samuel + Rebekah150425_07Samuel + Rebekah150425_16Samuel + Rebekah150425_15

He has always had the heart of a lion, strong and ready to face any challenge. Being as gentle as a dove is something that she has drawn out of him. This softness that accompanies his lion heart makes him just the kind of man you want to have around in a difficult circumstance. Always ready to fix what’s broken [I have a 1 in the morning i-locked-my-keys-in-the-car story to attest to that], he also now carries the compassionate heart you want around when misery just wants company.

Samuel + Rebekah150425_26Samuel + Rebekah150425_27

Samuel, on the other hand, has brought out another type of softness in Rebekah. Always and still a doer, the friend who might tell you, “okay, I know you’re upset that he said that to you, but what are you going to do about it?”, Rebekah has flourished into a sympathetic sweetheart. Any pain you might carry, expect the utmost sweetness and sympathy from the wife of the lion-heart.Together, they ask great questions, are always willing to dig into life’s hard questions, and say “I love you” more than any couple I know. To think it all started because she was so smitten by his incredible smile, and hasn’t gotten over it since.

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