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I met Naomi Wong on my childhood bunkbed many a year ago as our mother’s bartered out grain sales, and I thought she was really clever//cool when we were just little pre-teens exchanging emails and I saw that her email was her name spelled backwards. I had the honor of taking her high school senior pictures and was thrilled when she asked me to take her college graduation senior pictures as well. As always, photographing Naomi is like spending the day on an adventure and leaving with a sense of great accomplishment. The laughter is continuos and the compliments are never-ending; I compliment her stunning beauty in front of my camera and she compliments me right back! It’s really great. Scroll to the end for a little flashback to Naomi in 2011.
Naomi Wong_Senior-3

Dear seventeen year old Naomi,

You could look ahead on the calendar, do the math, and know that you are turning 22 today. But do you know how incredibly precious today would be for you? Do you know that you would have so many dear friends who genuinely love and care about you, to celebrate with today? That you would have the most darling little niece lying on my chest right now, who is lucky to call you her aunt? That you would have two nephews who will always look up to you as the only blood-sister of their mom and love hearing all the great stories you have about her. Would you know that you are graduating with a full, complete, legit degree this year?? Or that you have traveled to China, South Africa, and Spain in the past five years? Would you know that you had been influential in marrying off two of your brothers to, might I say, two stunningly gorgeous women? 😉

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So, dear 17 year old Naomi, if you ever sit down and wonder, “who will I be in 5 years?”, let me tell you what I know of the answer to that question.

Five years ago, I was driving up to Las Cruces for an adventurous day of traveling around taking your high school senior pictures. I was at the beginning stages of my burgeoning passion for photography and you were a very supportive friend with a [conveniently] beautiful face. Though it was only one of my first, that photoshoot was one of the most “alive” I’ve ever had. You were beginning to grow into the woman you are today- confident, poised, and electric.

Naomi Wong_Senior-28Naomi Wong_Senior-29 Naomi Wong_Senior-32 Naomi Wong_Senior-37 Naomi Wong_Senior-38 Naomi Wong_Senior-41 Naomi Wong_Senior-51 Naomi Wong_Senior-52

You’ve always had a passion for the growth of the people you love, but in these past five years you have learned how to hone that into a selfless, giving investment into the lives of others. You are excited to see people grow into more beautiful reflections of God’s glory for the sake of their greater good and God’s name being praised, and not your own personal gain. You celebrate who people are and champion them towards who they can become.

“she was the harp– a captivating oratorio within the music room dear. intricacies of elegance within her ballerina fingerprints, created warm atmosphere. she caressed the hearts of friends with her soul giving light. the evening never ends, with a soul encompassed of iridescently beaming insight.”

the hostess – laura mccauley

Naomi Wong_Senior-55 Naomi Wong_Senior-57 Naomi Wong_Senior-59 Naomi Wong_Senior-62

You are not a “halfway” kind of person. Five years ago, you were sometimes a little bit timid of jumping into situations wholeheartedly. Five years later, I have not seen you flinch before any challenge, obstacle, or step towards greatness. If you go on an adventure, you’re ready to make a crazy memory. If you relax and pamper, you go all out. If you make a new friend, you’re available to be a listening ear, confidant, and prayer partner. While it is definitely more draining to give your 100% in every situation, that does not stop you from pouring into your studies, prioritizing time with family, and investing in the Kingdom of God.

Naomi Wong_Senior-67 Naomi Wong_Senior-69 Naomi Wong_Senior-74 Naomi Wong_Senior-76

There is one thing about you that has most definitely not changed in these five years. You are a daughter of the King. The One who made you and gave you your vibrant passion for living well has been the same faithful, steadfastly loving Heavenly Father through every day of these past 1,825 days.

So as you embark on these next 365 days that hold the pivotal moment of receiving your bachelor’s degree, remember and know [gnostos; experientially know through first hand experience] this simple truth : you are loved.

with much love,

your bosom friend and future sister-in-love

Naomi Wong_Senior-81

Congratulations Naomi! Today, and on graduation day, we celebrate you. Your family and friends stand behind you as you take off and flip the world upside down.

Naomi Wong_Senior-91 Naomi Wong_Senior-96 Naomi Wong_Senior-97

Naomi – Senior 2011

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