Michael + Emily || Albuquerque Couple Photography


“little balloon goes flying in the air

little balloon, come on down from there”

[Little Balloon, Jenny & Tyler]

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There’s almost nothing more magical than watching hundreds of giant balloons get launched off into the sky, filling it with gorgeous pops of color. Although, after experiencing this magical shindig at an hour that was much too early for hundreds of people to be walking around and munching on breakfast burritos, I did realize that there was one thing more magical than watching the balloons go up themselves: photographing a gorgeous couple while the pops of color filled the sky. So, with coffee infusing all of our system’s, we all wandered around on a double date, while my husband and I captured the love between our two dear friends.

Michael + Emily-1191-21Michael + Emily-1151-9Michael + Emily-1220-22Michael + Emily-1406-1

Color pops filling the sky couldn’t be any more perfect for this couple. Being around them puts a smile on your face, like balloons floating in the sky at 5 am does. They’re joyful, sweet, and kind. They naturally brighten up any conversation and are passionate about life. They are a gift to all who know them and my husband + I are just two among many who cherish their friendship. The world didn’t know what it was about to gain on that oh-so-fateful day when Michael walked up and introduced himself to the cute girl on campus and didn’t even ask for her number.

Because you see, these two were just a man and a woman on a large campus in Southern New Mexico who made eye contact while walking to class one day. Except, of course, stunning Emily doesn’t remember this “moment” at all, while studly Michael believed that they totally had a “special moment” which completely warranted him walking up and introducing himself next time he saw her. So, he did. He introduced himself, they exchanged the titles that their parents gave them at birth, and then he walked away without even asking for her number. Nor her address or her pigeon-carrier’s name or anything. And little did he know, this would definitely make him stand out [take notes guys]. Stand out so much that Emily definitely did not forgot him and their nice little introduction, so the next time they crossed paths, a relationship quickly began to form. And while there are lots of invaluable stories that made them into the couple they are today in between that oh-so-fateful meeting and their one year anniversary, we’ll just say the rest is history.

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Michael + Emily are one year into this adventure called marriage and I would say they are rocking it. They compliment each other beautifully, she with her adorable giggle to light up his smile and he with his steady arm to put around her on every kind of day. Michael is always ready to enter into Emily’s excitement, whether it is over something cute she found at Target or a yummy dessert recipe she got from a good book. Anyone who has spent any time with them knows that Michael + Emily are best friends.

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And since I know that Emily is a dear, dear fellow Gilmore Girl fanatic like myself, I’ll end with this quote, adapted to fit this happy couple,

“and so a toast to you dear Emily, makes us all so glad to see ya, blissfully joined with dear good Michael, may your love last long like it’s battery-powered”

[Lorelai, Gilmore Girls]

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