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I was in the early stages of pregnancy and pretty much exhausted all of the time because my body was running the marathon of making a human life. So on a most memorable day, I was just lying down for a nap when my brother’s name popped up on my telephone. I was e x h a u s t e d, so I contemplated not answering, but the thought was nagging at me, “it could be really important”. And that sixth sense was right! Because on the other end of the telephone line, my brother excitedly told me that he had just ordered the ring he was going to use to ask his beloved Melody to be his wife!!

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“Josiah, it has always been hard for me to find peace amidst life’s struggles and anxieties. I used to wonder how people achieved peace, because it has always been hard for me to come by, but with you this comes easily for me. I have found a peace in you that is specific to only you, and every time I see you I know I’m coming home. I can’t see forward without you.”

“Melody, I vow to love you, when the days are long, short, full of pain or joy. I bow to hear you, when you have no words, when my ears are full of noise. I vow to protect you, from giants and rats and spiders and bats. I vow to trust you, with my weakness, my fears, my sorrows, my hopes, my dreams, my life. And when I fail, I vow to ask forgiveness by God’s aid. I vow to love you.”

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Josiah & Melody’s wedding included their immediate families and really, really close friends. Seriously, it was the smallest, sweetest, most intimate wedding I have witnessed and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Literally, we were able to fit every single person that was there into one photo.

The groomsmen//women included all of Josiah’s siblings, including my sister and I. An idea I originated from my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, where Rory Gilmore is the “best man” at her grandparent’s vow renewal and I thought it was just about the coolest/cutest thing and my brother wanted all of us by his side, so we made it happen. Melody had her gorgeous sister & lifelong best friend as her maid of honor, two of Josiah’s cousins as bridesmaids, along with a dear friend and niece.

Oh yeah, are the connections getting confusing? I was getting to that. Melody grew up in Calgary where she met and became best friends with Josiah’s cousin, Tasha. My aunt and uncle basically adopted her into the family back in high school and then, in recent years, Tasha and her siblings bought a house to share together. My oldest brother [who is also Josiah’s closest friend and confidant] rented a room there, along with Melody. When Josiah and my oldest brother did a crazy road trip from Alaska to Seattle, they stopped in Calgary where Josiah met the woman who would become the love of his life.

So while we all celebrated and thrilled over the bond created at the wedding, Melody and Tasha celebrated becoming cousins-in-law and Melody is even more legally a part of her dear friends family now. I know. Too cool.

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Located on my aunt’s property, the ceremony took place under a giant tree and the reception was surrounded by a ring of trees. The entire wedding dripped in hand-crafted perfection done by Melody and her sister, Alyssa, who runs Key Creations by Alyssa. Every sign, bouquet, and detail reflected Josiah and Melody’s beautiful bond, their love for music, and highlighted the sweet community of people they have surrounding and supporting them.

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“there is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day knowing someone on the other side of the door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps”

-Ronald Reagan

Melody is full of charm, sweetness, and depth. Her bubbling giggle is the perfect mate to her groom’s constant flow of jokes, funny voices, and silly antics. She has loved him through his lows and helped him celebrate the highs. Her stunning eyes have captivated him body, soul, and mind and she inspires his love to constantly find new ways to put a smile on her face just by being her.

Josiah is the mate to her soul and the man who will go to great lengths to serve her. He is a joy to everyone around him and keeps life adventurous with his spontaneity. Anything he puts his mind to to do, he is extremely good at and every endeavor he pours himself into. Therefore, if you visit Josiah + Melody in their home, you will be welcomed in the morning with a grand, delicious breakfast from this sweet couple and are likely to go on an adventure to a gum wall or awesome coffee shop.

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Together, this pair are perfect for each other. I’ve never been around them for more than five minutes without hearing constant streams of laughter. They both read and read and read and learn, learn, learn, so they always have something interesting to talk about, but can also create a relaxing environment within minutes. Josiah slips his arm around Melody and they stroll along, content that life is better together and in each other’s arms. And I’ll just let the pictures prove that they clearly love being married to each other.

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My dad and his brother are born and raised Texan men. They both, separately, went to school in Canada and met gorgeous, stunning, incredible Canadian women. Both of these Texans asked these amazing Canadian women to be their wives, and they would have made the biggest mistake of their lives had they not. My brother was born and raised in Texas as well. So when he met this gorgeous, stunning, incredible Canadian woman, it was only fitting that she should become his wife. And that is how my Texan brother found his Canadian bride.

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VENUE || Rose Cottage Ministries

DONUT CAKE || Yours Truly + Mother’s of the Bride & Groom

CATERING || Rose Cottage Ministries

DECOR || Key Creations by Alyssa

FLORIST || Key Creations by Alyssa

DRESS || David’s Bridal


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