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“for she too dreamt of seeing hues of worlds undiscovered. her soul spilling onto every page of the purely vulnerable moment in detail. with adventure’s name, cursively carved, like a map, paving a route between every line. by way of celestial sphere, navigate. to discovery’s door, gravitate. ’twas amidst wondrous iced waterfalls & majestically regal redwood halls that the longitude and latitude of her honest heart, blossomed into intrinsically precious coordinates.”

the explorer – laura mccauley

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Dating all the way back to childhood, people have always told my little sister, Janelle, that she has the sweetest smile and the sweetest personality. Sometimes they would say, “Janelle, you’re just always so nice! You always just smile and I could never imagine you being mean”. As an older sister, I would inwardly roll my eyes and huff and puff thinking, “are you kidding?! I could tell you one story after another to contradict that statement”. And while I completely agree that my sister has one of the most beautiful and sweetest smiles that I have ever seen, I am so thankful that, as her sister, I know the wonderful, dynamic, passionate woman that is behind that smile.

Janelle is certainly sweet, certainly extremely caring, and has defended//stood up for me on more than one occasion in the most loving ways. But its her “Irish temper” that keeps life from ever getting dull when you’re with her. It is her passion, her perceptions of the world around her, and her strength that make her a completely invaluable gift to all around her.

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She’s a senior, she’s sitting on the precipice of great change, she’s headed towards grand adventures and it is here- here that I pray she will find deep satisfaction and great hope in the circumstances her Heavenly Father has her in. The next step is going to be so growing, challenging, and a completely enthralling adventure- no matter where she goes and what she does- so I hope, Janelle, that your here and now becomes your best current adventure. It is so fun, and terrifying, to look ahead at the unknowns, but I think that the current moment’s can be filled with so much greatness, don’t let it pass by unnoticed. Be on the lookout for those moments that God is using to make you an even more beautiful Janelle.

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You inspire me daily with the way you cultivate

“beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart form materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood without degradation”.

[Darling Magazine]

& i love you.


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