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On the day we got our wedding images from our photographer, we were over the moon. We cuddled up, and we clicked and we clicked and clicked. We sighed and we oohed and we awed. Our wedding day was alive again. We were there. Promising to love each other forever. Hugging our parents who taught us how to love in the first place. Laughing with our loved ones. Our mouths watered when we saw pictures of the delicious food we ate, the glorious cake we consumed. We fell in love just a little bit more. We saw the way we looked at each other, how happy we were just holding hands. We saw just how much we kissed that day, and so we kissed some more. 

We adore those memories. Our wedding day wasn’t the best day of our marriage because it has only gotten better. Our wedding day was the perfect start. Looking at those images enhances our marriage, it reminds us how blessed we are to have each other. What an incredible gift it is to share this life together every day. 

Images preserve memories. They take a moment and freeze it in time forever. To always be looked back at, to always be remembered, to bring laughter and joy. Our passion is to capture your memories, tell your stories. 

Because we want to tell your story, we will be there all day, capturing every detail, every moment. 

We believe that all of the moments before and after your wedding day are so valuable too! Please inquire for more info on senior, family, and lifestyle sessions.

“We do not merely want to see beauty, we want something that can hardly be put into words...we want to become a part of the beauty we see." CS Lewis

Full wedding day coverage is 2,000.

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“You a beautiful friend, photographer, and writer! Your pictures and words bring so much emotion! I cried and laughed! I can’t say enough about how with God’s love, you captured exactly how I felt on our perfect day!!”
-Lane + Richlyn

"Andrew and Charissa weren't just there to photograph the event, but they actually took part in this life-changing day with us; walking alongside us every step of the way and genuinely desired to capture this day in our lives and all that it meant to us. When we received the photos from them, we were blown away. We really liked that a lot of the photos were candid, freezing our memories of that day in time. The photos were beautiful, the colors bright and vibrant capturing our summer wedding in Oregon and our love on that day."
-Josiah + Melody

“Oh my, oh my, oh my! Last night as we opened the pictures, I was in tears showing Eric. It's been a long season of transition, but there just aren't any shortcuts to get through it any faster. All the steps are necessary. These pictures were such a sweet gift, such a delight to see, such a reminder of the great gift of joy during this time. Thank you. You went way above and beyond. I am so thankful and so appreciative of your time and generosity, and your incredible gift of photography.”
-Eric + Mary