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     Sometimes its a text, a phone call, or a knock at the door that reminds us how incredibly lucky//blessed we are. Its when those friends show up when the going gets tough, when there’s news to be celebrated, or when you just want to go out on the town and they’re there to join you; those are the times we remember how great friends are and how lucky we are to have the ones we have.
     I have had lots and lots of those moments in the past 9 months. Three baby showers, endless showering of love and gifts, those conversations that are about “how are you really doing?”, and the most thoughtful cards full of words to savor have reminded me over and over how lucky I am. Thats why I have to share these images from my baby shower’s this past fall. My sweet little one has been so incredibly loved and cared for. I haven’t even bought her one article of clothing for her first year of life! I didn’t have to do endless shopping trips for all the practical things I would need. And not to mention, every baby shower was so uniquely and beautifully designed to celebrate the coming of this little one.
     Baby shower number one was put on by the women who single-handedly put on my wedding. As if putting on my wedding wasn’t enough, they threw a shower for me to celebrate with all of the women who I get to call family. My little daughter’s aunts and both grandma’s were there to celebrate, and a few honorary aunts as well. So scroll through, enjoy the sweetness, and let your mouth water a little when you see Patti’s cheesecakes [sold at Say Cheese Cake].

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     Eleven months ago my husband and I moved a small town up in the mountains. The view out of our kitchen window is the stunning Jemez mountains, often snow capped, and always breath-taking. We have one grocery store and one McDonald’s. We came here on a temporary position and didn’t know if we would be living here much longer than a year. [And if you’re wondering, we still don’t know]. We decided that we would be fully here, investing in the community around us, regardless of our length of time living here. And we have found the people//community here to be even more beautiful than the snow-capped mountains.
     The baby shower that my sweet friends threw showed me how worth it it has been to be present and invested right where we live! So many friends showed up and seriously showered me and my little family with gifts and love. Many gave us hand-made//adorable bibs, burp cloths, and blankets! They spent time praying for my daughter in very specific ways. Praying for her to have a heart to joyfully serve others, love her Creator with her whole life, and to have a heart that hungers for God and His Word. All of the guests also filled out a letter for Baby Wong [some favorites shared below], and I cannot wait to read her some as she grows up! I want to tear up just thinking about this baby shower. The decorations felt like a baby shower version of how I had decorated my wedding- which was amazing since none of these women were at my wedding since I hadn’t met any of them yet! Every detail was thoughtful, the shower was celebratory of the life inside of me, and the time was used to deeply invest in my little family.

Dear Baby Wong,

I hope you get chocolate cake for breakfast.

I hope you laugh as freely as your mom.

I hope you love grandma. [hmm, wonder who wrote that one?;)]

I hope you aren’t afraid of defending the less powerful.

I hope you laugh at your dad’s attempts to entertain you.

I hope you get to go to Disney.

I hope you grow to be best friends with your mom.

I hope you love your daddy and all things girly and watching Gilmore Girls with your mom.

I hope you never forget that God’s love for you is more than you can ever imagine.

Personal_Baby Showers-37Personal_Baby Showers-23Personal_Baby Showers-35Personal_Baby Showers-32Personal_Baby Showers-31Personal_Baby Showers-47Personal_Baby Showers-42Personal_Baby Showers-49Personal_Baby Showers-45Personal_Baby Showers-38Personal_Baby Showers-36

The third baby shower took place in the home that I grew up in, with many people who have seen me grow from childhood into womanhood, and now will meet and know my little one. To say that this baby shower was extremely meaningful would be an understatement. To celebrate with the women who have invested in me since I was a child, who walked through the pre-teens and teens with me, and who were there to celebrate when I said “yes!” to becoming Mrs. Andrew Wong.

There are no amount of words that could express the gratitude I have towards the host of this shower, she not only hosted this shower; she has bought my little girl cute outfit after cute outfit, she took me shopping and gave me hugs when my pregnancy hormones got the best of me, she was at the birth of my little daughter, and has made it so that I have not had to lift a finger for one meal or task since my daughter came into the world. This woman is the grandmother to my daughter and the woman who taught me everything I know and value about motherhood. If I can be half as amazing a mom as she has been to me, I know my daughter will be doing pretty good.

Personal_Baby Showers-52Personal_Baby Showers-59Personal_Baby Showers-56Personal_Baby Showers-57Personal_Baby Showers-65Personal_Baby Showers-62

So, thank you. Thank you to all of you! To all of my friends and family. You all have poured such love and support on this little Wong family and we are so grateful.
And to give you a taste of a future blog post:

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