We were just a couple of little, trying-to-fit-in, pony-tail-extraordinaire middle school girls. And I would say, for me, middle school wasn’t the best of times. But meeting this girl was definitely one of the better outcomes! Brittney is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most caring people you will ever meet. I show up to […]

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I keep thinking about how celebrating motherhood is not just a celebration of mother’s, but of family and life. That is why this family lifestyle session is the perfect way to start celebrating as Sunday approaches! If I could edit the dictionary, I would put in a picture of […]

The little cry, that though tiny, pierces right to your very soul. The middle of the night, half awake eyes, barely awake heart. The small, warm body begins to warm you from the outside in. Your eyes open a little more because you have to see, you have to let their vulnerability and sweetness awaken your […]

You know that moment on a swing when you’re flying high, closest to the sky, and about to drop back down? Do you get that stomach flipping sensation, like something great is about to happen as you swing through the air, while also being completely terrified? I believe life is full of moments like that. […]

As my daughter sits on my lap, eating bunny grahams and looking up at me every so often, I can say with absolute certainty that our dear friends, Justin + Abigail, are about to enter one of the best journeys of their lives. Parenthood is full of so many different kinds of moments, and I […]

I met Naomi Wong on my childhood bunkbed many a year ago as our mother’s bartered out grain sales, and I thought she was really clever//cool when we were just little pre-teens exchanging emails and I saw that her email was her name spelled backwards. I had the honor of taking her high school senior […]

“for she too dreamt of seeing hues of worlds undiscovered. her soul spilling onto every page of the purely vulnerable moment in detail. with adventure’s name, cursively carved, like a map, paving a route between every line. by way of celestial sphere, navigate. to discovery’s door, gravitate. ’twas amidst wondrous iced waterfalls & majestically regal […]






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