Rebekah and I have known each other since our pimply, “we think we’re groovy because we wear headbands” days of middle school, and if you had given me a glimpse into the future and told me I was going to be a photographer and we would be married to brothers and we would meet up […]

Ong + May have been married LESS THAN A YEAR and have spend most of that year apart!! What an incredible service to our country for them to sacrifice being together to serve us. It was precious to watch them settle back into being together and I am so glad that they treasure this season […]

“I knew when I met you, that an adventure was going to happen” [Winnie the Pooh] Jared + Bethany are an adventure waiting to happen! When we sat across the dining table with them and heard all about their many trips overseas, their early days of “I like you, you like me, but what is […]

Some of the best love stories are the ones that require patience, perseverance, and steadfast hope. You know, those stories when someone held out for what was truly best and ended up with something ten times better. That is Jonathon + Lisa’s love story. I have known Lisa for many, many years and have seen […]

To say that these two are a match made in heaven would be an understatement. These two were clearly brought together and sovereignly appointed to be married by the Creator of heaven Himself is more like it! And that was through the persuasion, match-making, and incredible genius of two friends who came together to create […]

When we had dinner with these two a few days ago, we couldn’t stop saying, “I can’t believe you haven’t even been engaged a week!”. These two are on TOP of it. They knocked their engagement pictures out of the park and are gearing up for their summer wedding in a couple months. We can’t […]

Usually when I think of sunrise, I hold the romantic image of a sunrise coming up behind the mountain and think “well wouldn’t that be nice” and then set my alarm for much later than sunrise. Because it sounds great and all, but no thanks. Late nights are my happy place and I value sleep […]

These two. We met them on the oh-so-fun day of may third of twenty fifteen. I had set up a day of mini shoots for my first “debut” weekend as a business in our new town. Little did I know, the clients I met that day would become lifelong friends. When I got Kate’s inquiry, […]

“little balloon goes flying in the air little balloon, come on down from there” [Little Balloon, Jenny & Tyler] There’s almost nothing more magical than watching hundreds of giant balloons get launched off into the sky, filling it with gorgeous pops of color. Although, after experiencing this magical shindig at an hour that was much […]

Loyal. Constant. Steadfast. F a i t h f u l. That is what comes to mind when I look through these images of this good-looking couple. It is not everyday in our society filled with broken relationships that we get the opportunity to celebrate a marriage of twenty-nine years. Twenty-nine years and counting, of […]






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