To say that these two are a match made in heaven would be an understatement. These two were clearly brought together and sovereignly appointed to be married by the Creator of heaven Himself is more like it! And that was through the persuasion, match-making, and incredible genius of two friends who came together to create […]

“Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful, and lovin’ you is all I wanna do. Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true, and everything that I do is out of lovin’ you” [Lovin’ You by Shanice] These two newlyweds have much to celebrate- a graduation, a marriage, and good friends to celebrate […]

We were just a couple of little, trying-to-fit-in, pony-tail-extraordinaire middle school girls. And I would say, for me, middle school wasn’t the best of times. But meeting this girl was definitely one of the better outcomes! Brittney is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most caring people you will ever meet. I show up to […]

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I keep thinking about how celebrating motherhood is not just a celebration of mother’s, but of family and life. That is why this family lifestyle session is the perfect way to start celebrating as Sunday approaches! If I could edit the dictionary, I would put in a picture of […]

The little cry, that though tiny, pierces right to your very soul. The middle of the night, half awake eyes, barely awake heart. The small, warm body begins to warm you from the outside in. Your eyes open a little more because you have to see, you have to let their vulnerability and sweetness awaken your […]

House projects have been a HUGE part of our lives since last fall and we are constantly adding new projects and expanding our areas of expertise [or not!] in all things house related. But recently, we re-visited our very first house project together. When we were just a couple of baby newlyweds [of three months!], […]

When we had dinner with these two a few days ago, we couldn’t stop saying, “I can’t believe you haven’t even been engaged a week!”. These two are on TOP of it. They knocked their engagement pictures out of the park and are gearing up for their summer wedding in a couple months. We can’t […]

If friends were flowers, I’d pick you.      I grew up walking into my grandmother’s kitchen and reading this quote and another that had “ewe’s not fat, ewe’s just fluffy” written on a little wooden sheep. One quote made me laugh, the other shaped my view of friendship.      I always loved the […]

Usually when I think of sunrise, I hold the romantic image of a sunrise coming up behind the mountain and think “well wouldn’t that be nice” and then set my alarm for much later than sunrise. Because it sounds great and all, but no thanks. Late nights are my happy place and I value sleep […]

Each morning my daughter and I snuggle up on the couch in our pj’s with cuddles while miss Aurora Rose enjoys a warm bottle of milk. Without fail, after some precious snuggles, my baby girl jumps up and points at the canvas prints hanging above the couch and says “Dada!”. I ask her, “who?? who?” […]






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