As we speak, we are hitting the road to Houston to go and love on people as they move back into their homes and find out what damage has been made from Hurricane Harvey. Making a sudden trip like this makes me so grateful for a job that I can do on the road and […]

About one year ago, we flew to Indianapolis, Indiana and photographed our first wedding officially as Life In Tandem Photography. Almost one year later, we shot the second to last wedding of our first full summer season in the exact same location. As if the magic and amazement of seeing all that God has done […]

It is with the GREATEST pleasure that I share these photos with you! Besides the stunning views including a perfect mountain landscape, canola fields, and gorgeous smiling faces- this wedding is extremely near to my heart as it was the wedding of two of the dearest people in my life. Two people that, on my […]

20 collective hours on the road, 4 different flights, and something less than our average amount of sleep has been our lives for the past two weeks. Sweet, a little bit chaotic, and full might be some good words to describe our state of being lately. But, this Saturday, decked out in our regular wedding […]

“I knew when I met you, that an adventure was going to happen” [Winnie the Pooh] Jared + Bethany are an adventure waiting to happen! When we sat across the dining table with them and heard all about their many trips overseas, their early days of “I like you, you like me, but what is […]

As I drove away from spending time with Elizabeth as she was being prepped for getting married, I just about burst into tears. Joshua + Elizabeth’s love story is an incredible example to me of God providing exactly what He knows is best, in His time. I have watched both of them grow, change, and […]

Jonathon + Lisa, Andrew + I feel honored beyond words that you asked us to share in your incredible day and allowed us to tell your story with our cameras. As we talked about on the way to taking more portraits, my grandma would have been thrilled about this wedding. She prayed for this day, […]

Some of the best love stories are the ones that require patience, perseverance, and steadfast hope. You know, those stories when someone held out for what was truly best and ended up with something ten times better. That is Jonathon + Lisa’s love story. I have known Lisa for many, many years and have seen […]

The phone rings, my stomach calls me to the kitchen, the dog starts barking because the mailman is here, I grab something from the bedroom and the pile of dirty clothes reminds me I will not have any clean underwear tomorrow if I don’t do something about it, the baby pulls out a memory card […]

When I opened Allison’s bridal shower invitation and saw the words, “love is the greatest adventure” printed across the front, I was smitten. Their engagement session was in the mountains. They bought a tent that goes ON TOP of their car, even when they’re sleeping in it, so that they can camp all summer for […]






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